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The Art Institute Online

Broaden your culinary career by enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management degree completion program at The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Learn to create an environment that appeals to customers by studying restaurant facility design and aesthetics.
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Courses are offered in a six-week intensive format that requires students to complete assignments and participate in online discussions five days per week. Students may complete their work at any time during a 24-hour period. Students are encouraged to take a maximum of two courses during each six-week session. There are two six-week sessions within each quarter.

All courses and programs are developed and approved by faculty, industry advisory boards, and governing boards. Faculty participate as subject-matter experts and work with instructional designers in developing these online courses.



Programs Offered:

Diploma Programs

  • Residential Planning
  • Digital Design
  • Web Design

Associate of Science Degree Programs

  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Media Design

Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

  • Advertising New!
  • Culinary Management BS Degree Completion Program New!
  • Interior Design
  • Game Art & Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Media Design


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