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American Graduate School of Management (AGSM)

American Graduate School of Management(AGSM) designed its online dual degree program for today's busy managers who are trying to fit an MBA into their active careers. MBA and MM online degree programs offer professionals the flexibility to learn.
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Mode of Study: Online [Virtual Classroom]

The MBA degree is awarded by Canada-based Lansbridge University, one of the world's first Internet-based universities and a leader in the rapidly growing world of online education.

Dual Degree Program

The online dual degree program from "American Graduate School of Management" differentiates itself from other programs with an unique level of interaction and service. You'll have complete access to your professors and executive peers via real-time Virtual Classroom.

Early Advantage MBA program

Complete Online program. Each Early Advantage MBA course has defined start and end dates, but students choose when to work on their assignments, team projects and other course deliverables.

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