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Bauder College

Bauder College of Atlanta, GA, provides career-based programs to students wishing to work in the fields of Business, Design and Information Technology. Our exceptional teaching curriculum ensures that graduates have the tools they need get ahead in the real world. Attend classes in the morning, afternoon or evening and get job placement services.
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Courses Available

Criminal Justice
Fashion Design
Fashion Merchandising
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Information Technology
Network Systems Technology, Solutions Development

Business Legal Programs
Associate: Business Administration, Marketing or Management
Associate: Fashion Merchandising
Associate: Criminal Justice
Design Technology
Associate: Graphic Design
Associate: Fashion Design
Associate: Interior Design
Certificate: Network Systems Technology,
Solutions Development
Associate: Information Technology
(Focus on Network Systems or Solutions Development)

Liberal Studies  
Modeling (Non-credit program)
Modeling is open to a diverse range of students types, sizes, and ages with a variety of personalities and career goals. The primary goal of the program is to allow each participant to gain the poise and self-confidence to face life's many challenges.


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