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Border Institute of Technology

BIT offers Associate degrees in Microcomputer Applications, Merchandising Technology, Interior Design. Besides Certificate courses are conducted in CADD Technology, Hands-On P.C. Technology, Network Technologies and Web Design. Campus in El Paso, Texas.
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Locations: 1 El Paso, TX campus

Associate - Microcomputer Applications
Associate - Merchandising Technology
Associate - Interior Design
Associate - Business Management
Certificate - CADD Technology
Certificate - Hands-On P.C. Technology
Certificate - Network Technologies
Certificate - Web Design

Associate - Microcomputer Applications

This program prepares individuals to function as technicians, engineers and management at various levels. It includes instruction in operating systems and applications; systems design and analysis; networking theory and solutions; computer drafting and design; network management and control; network and flow optimization; security; configuring; troubleshooting and basic programming. Coursework is aimed at multiple Microsoft and Cisco Systems certifications.

CADD Technology

Today's ever-growing world and new technology demands highly trained Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) personnel. CADD operators are employed in fields such as architecture, manufacturing, construction, and engineering. CADD is now used in all phases of the design and manufacturing process. Autodesk by AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator are just some of the cutting edge tools you will use in the CADD Technology program. 


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