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The Right Time to Prepare for Fall College Admissions

The Right Time to Prepare for Fall College Admissions Editor's Pick
Your freshman and sophomore years are key times to prepare for college admissions. Below youíll find important college planning tips to apply during these years.

Freshman Year

At the beginning of the fall semester of your freshman year, figure out what classes you have to take in high school in order to be accepted into college. To do this, meet with your guidance counselor to discuss this. Most colleges require at least three years of studies in:

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • Social studies

Additionally, many colleges require 2 years of the same foreign language.

Sophomore Year

  1. Research: Begin researching colleges and careers of interest during your sophomore year. By beginning this research process as a sophomore, youíll be better equipped to decide which colleges are right for you and will likely have a better idea of possible majors your first autumn as a college student.
  2. Practice: Practice taking college entrance exams. By taking practice exams, youíll know what the exams are like and will be better prepared to take the real tests during your junior year.
  3. Plan: Begin planning for the financial responsibilities of college so that youíre prepared to pay for it. You can start working during your summer breaks to save money, and look into scholarships and student loan programs.

Even if you donít know whether or not youíll attend college, itís still important to start preparing early. By preparing early, your chances of attending the college of your choice, the autumn after your high-school graduation, will be greater.


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