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Collins College

Collins College provides students with a comprehensive education for graphic design, media training, visual communications, interior design, multimedia production etc.,
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Collins College is located in Phoenix, AZ.

The College has a resource library with numerous collection of books, educational videos, CD-ROMs etc., to fully prepare the students for their respective course. Computers, Internet access, printers and a photocopier are available for student's use. The school maintains an in-house "service bureau" where students can print out their graphics assignments. Direct, digital, color or black & white copies can be made.

Design Technology

Visual Communication
Media Arts
Game Design
Multimedia Production
Digital Video Production
2D/3D Media (with an emphasis on Macromedia Flash and 3D Studio Max) Certificate Program

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communications
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Animation
Associate of Arts Degree in Media Arts
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Arts
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Game Design
Certificate Program Multimedia Production
Certificate Program Digital Video Production
2-D/3-D Media Certificate Program
Bachelor Degree: Interior Design 

Personal Computer/Network Technology


Associate of Science Degree in Personal Computer/Network Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Network Technology

The Mentor Program was designed to provide students with someone to go to for advice and guidance regarding career matters and concerns.

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