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Concord Law School

The best law school may be the one that comes to you. Concord Law School is changing legal education. As the nation's first wholly online law school, it has provided the opportunity for hundreds of graduates to earn a law degree for nearly ten years.
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Concord Law School

Our students have the opportunity to attend law school without moving, leaving a job, or commuting across town. Concord comes to you. Your computer becomes an open door to an educational experience with all the challenges of law school and the support you need to succeed.

Surprisingly affordable and convenient

In general, our students enjoy much lower tuition costs than students at campus-based law schools. Concord can assist you in securing the financial support you need to attend law school. Options include a variety of federal, state, and private lending programs, including military financial aid. Let a Financial Advisor help find the financial solution that is right for you.

Concord has a “rolling admissions” policy. First-year students may begin at one of a number of class start dates during the year. Admissions requirements include a Bachelor’s degree and every applicant must complete an online admissions test. LSAT scores may also be submitted.

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