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The University of Liverpool

Since its foundation in 1881, the University of Liverpool has produced eight Nobel Prize winners. This academic excellence is one reason why almost three thousand professionals from more than 175 countries have chosen it for their online Masters degree. They also recognise that the University's exclusive partnership with e-Learning experts Laureate
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About the University of Liverpool

Our online Masters students are seasoned professionals, with an average 12 years’ work experience. They have good reasons to choose us:

  1. Liverpool is among the Top 10 eLearning institutions in the world (Source:
  2. - along with Oxford and Cambridge, it is a member of the Russell group of 20 major, research-intensive UK universities
  3.  - Laureate Online Education specialises in delivering 100% online programmes around the world.
  4. - our programmes replicate global business, requiring you to collaborate across disciplines and cultures to solve problems
  5. - use what you learn in the workplace immediately
  6. - gain an international network of professional contacts and friends
  7. - our instructors are academically renowned and have years of industry experience
  8. - from your instructors and personal Programme Manager
  9. - Specialisation Tracks and elective modules let you customise your degree
  10. - small class sizes mean your ideas are constantly challenged
  11. - our 100% online learning environment means you can fit your degree into your work and personal life

Geographic Restrictions

None. You do not need to be a UK resident as all our degrees are 100% online.

Programs Offered

Master of Science in IT

The MSc is the capstone qualification for the IT professional. It is designed for individuals who are comfortable accumulating new skills and responsibilities, and who seek to deepen and broaden their understanding in the interests of career development.
Highly motivated professionals such as these see it as a natural progression to eventually manage a large IT department - or become the creative force driving forward a cutting-edge, new economy business.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA has long been the degree of choice for senior management in all fields and in all industries. Our programme recognizes the impact of IT issues throughout all areas of the world economy.

It is therefore designed as much for the IT professional and those working in diverse areas within IT companies (e.g. marketing, human resources, general management etc), as it is for the non-IT generalist who recognizes the importance of IT for the future of global business as a whole.

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