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Mt. Sierra College Online

Launch a dynamic career in business or technology and take advantage if our extensive career placement programs. Mt. Sierra College Online helps students launch the careers they want, from home, work, or while traveling. Bachelor degree in Computer Information Technology and Business / eBusiness.
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Location: Online

Offers Bachelor degrees in:
- Business/eBusiness
- Computer Information Technology

Bachelor - Computer Information Technology

You are prepared in the disciplines of software engineering, programming languages, database management, computer architecture, operating systems, client-server applications, computer networks, Internet/Intranet and Website design. While the principles of the program remain constant, the specific curriculum continues to grow and evolve with the quickly-changing world of Computer Information, keeping you up-to-date with current technology.

Bachelor - Business/eBusiness

The Business/eBusiness program provides you with a firm grasp of business fundamentals including microeconomics and macroeconomics, business accounting, law and ethics, commerce and government policies, cross-cultural management, management theory, entrepreneurship, promotion and advertising strategies. You explore how these areas apply to traditional business as well as eBusiness and eCommerce.

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