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How to Increase Your Paycheck? Career Guidance

How to Increase Your Paycheck? Career Guidance Editor's Pick
Ever wonder how to hike up your salary? Read on to find out how to negotiate a higher salary at your next job performance review or interview.

Negotiations for a New Job

The best time to negotiate a salary is after receiving a job offer and before you accept it.

Depending on your professional situation, you can bargain the following:

Years of experience: Generally, the more experience you have results in a higher salary. Stress your years of experience, especially if itís somewhat more than whatís required.

Education: Your educational level will likely affect your pay. The quality of education you received may be judged and this can have a positive influence on your salary. Emphasize your educational level if itís more than what the employer requires.

Negotiations for a Current Job

If you wish to ask for a raise at your current job, focus on the following:

Performance: Most employers base their salary decisions on performance. When you meet goals and stay ahead of the game, your boss will likely notice. As a result, your employer will have positive feedback, giving you a bargaining edge.

Management Experience: If you manage others, your salary will likely be higher. Your level of management success is also based on the performances of the employees you manage. When negotiating, call attention to the successes of those who report to you.

Your bargaining potential for a salary hike will be improved when you can convince your boss that you are the best person for the job. By emphasizing your strong points, youíll likely do well when negotiating your salary.


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